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November 18, 2009

musing of my grandmother lebsack

and why i have such good feelings about food...

her garden carrots and how i have never had any so good since (but keep looking). and the beautiful garden she grew every summer with the sugar snap peas growing on the chicken wire. the clothesline...the squeal squeak sound it made as she rolled the clothes toward her, putting the clothes pins in that little box with the lid. coming down off the step with a basket of newly dried clothes and how that smell of fresh laundry off the line is why i still have one today. there was aunti joyce's rice pudding which i still dream about and the xmas dinners that filled up that whole front room. the over cooked broccoli and cheese and grandpas big farmers hands cutting the turkey (i always remember his giant thumbs). grandma used to have this white stuffed cat that sat on the bed it had glass eyes and i loved it. there was all the afgans and that pungent smell of avon perfume that never however took away from all those pretty bottles i used to look at in awe. imagining one day when i grew into a lady i would have some just like it. i also remember her many aprons and how i felt very honored whenever she would let me wear one and maybe get to help in the kitchen, provided i stayed out of the way. i remember the couch covered in plastic and the sound it made when you sat down and how it was always dark in that front room. the doorbell and how they don't make chimes like that anymore and lastly that grandfather clock that went off on the hour every hour and how no matter what, that sound will always remind me of her....

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